R is for Retribution III

Autor: Surely Wilder

Wydawnictwo: Lot's Cave, Inc.

DESCRIPTIONIn the latest from Surely Wilder’s erotic tale, Matt confesses the desires he’s kept secret. His views of homosexuality, bisexuality, and need for sexual release, cause Matt to question the love necessary to accept his place within the family. Captured, forced into sex, and finding passion in incestuously straight sex, just what unexpected pleasures will Matt face in R is for Retribution III?EXCERPTI stood and reached out to her and she stepped forward awaiting my cue. I simply took her in my arms and began dancing with her in a slow sensual fashion. We didn’t say a word as she rested her head upon my shoulder and we gently swayed to the music. She wore a sweet perfume that stirred not only my emotions, but my desire as well. I took hold of her face and pulled it up. We looked into each others eyes for a moment and then began kissing. Sam was following my lead, and she allowed this to be gentle, as we kissed lightly enjoying the closeness of our bodies, and slow churning of passion. I liked this, a lot. I realized what the problem had been with Dana almost instantly. Like my sister, she had been too aggressive. When she placed my hand on her breast, she expected me to perform instantly. I didn’t like that. I liked seduction and gentleness.Sam and I continued our tender courtship for the first song as I kissed her lips, eyelids, forehead and neck. Eventually, I returned to her lips and her mouth yielded as I opened my mouth. She allowed me to gently explore her oral cavity as I tempted and teased her lightly. I move my hand to her back and our kisses became much more passionate as I pulled on the zipper and released the dress. Slowly, I began pulling the top of her dress from her shoulders as she pressed into me to keep it up. After I knew it was loose, I stepped back, and we both let it fall to the ground. Sam was standing before me in lingerie of virgin white, with a bra, garter belt, panties, and matching stockings. I was stunned. The song ended and she stepped back into my arms so we could share our embrace. We kissed with complete passion as she guided us toward the couch and we sat down together. Passion now guided me as I began to gently paw her bra covered breast and ravaged her mouth with my tongue. She returned my zeal in full and I delighted to hear gentle whimpers of pleasure come from her. She liked this too.Suddenly, she broke away from me and placed a hand on my breastbone to keep us apart. She was panting, but composed herself. She looked at me with a bright smile, but there was a clear look of desire in her eye. My kiss had turned her on, it felt really good. “You are an incredible kisser.”“Thanks.” I blushed again.“Can I ask you something?”“Of course.” “If you’re so gay, why are you hard now?” She smiled as she pressed her hand on my fully aroused member.
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