Twin Studies

Autor: Surely Wilder

Wydawnictwo: Lot's Cave, Inc.

DESCRIPTIONTwins do everything together, and having sex is no exception! When this brother sister pair is forced into taking a human sexuality class they find they’re instore for more lessons than they ever imagined. Working to seduce her handsome brother, this naughty adventurous twin sister can’t help unlocking the lesson of a lifetime! When her brother finally consents, what incestuous romance awaits?EXCERPT“Besides, this consent thing can actually be sexy.” He stated.“You’ve got to be kidding me. It’s a fucking sex kill. It’s getting to a point where a guy is going to have to have a check sheet that lists all the things they want to do and a girl will have to sign and date it before they even kiss. Where’s the sexiness in that?”“It’s not a check list and it can be sexy.”“Really? How?”“If a guy does it right, it could be really sexy.”“I don’t think so.”“Your opinion.” He stated.“Prove it.”“Prove what?”“That asking consent can be sexy.”“Gross, you’re my sister.”“What’s that got to do with it?”“I can’t prove that it would be sexy to you unless I do it to you. You did read the chapter on incest didn’t you?”That made me pause. Yeah, I had read the chapter on incest and it had only turned me on in a huge way. Come on, incest was only bad if you were trying to get pregnant. I wasn’t ready for that and took my pill religiously, even when I was sick. Besides, both my Dad and brother were hot guys, I’d never had a three-way, but it was nice fantasy to think about that always got me off. “It’s just an experiment, Davey. I want to see if this consent thing can be done without killing the mood.”My brother looked at me and I suddenly had this flushed feeling hit me as I stared at his face, my face really. Like I said, we were completely identical from our sandy blonde hair to our blue eyes and dimpled chin, we were carbon copies of each other and to be honest, we were both hot. The only difference was that he was male and I was female. I hadn’t had sex in 2 weeks because of the jerk stalker and I had just finished my period. This was the time of the month I was always especially horny and the way this conversation was shaking out didn’t help my problem. “Ok, what do you want me to do, Dana?”“Pretend that you are my boyfriend and that you’ve walked me to the door. I’ve invited you in to listen to music,” I smiled as I stood and went to the stereo and turned on a soft rock station. I walked to the door and turned to him. “Ok, come up here and give me your best moves. Show me how consent can be a turn on and not a buzz kill.”“You’re serious?” He asked.“Yes.” There I had given him consent to seduce me. Davey looked at me for a moment and it was obvious that he was really considering the offer.“I want you to, I want to know how this really works; you have my consent to try to get into my pants.” Davey’s eyes leapt and my heart actually skipped when I said that.
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