Daddy's Toy Box

Autor: Lily Weidner

Wydawnictwo: Lot's Cave, Inc.

DESCRIPTIONSandra knows her father can’t help staring at her body. When Daddy makes a special request, she reluctantly complies. Turned into Daddy’s little toy, Sandra soon finds herself getting turned on. The way Daddy’s looking at her makes her want the one thing they both know is taboo. With a little seductive charm, can this naughty girl show Daddy the forbidden passions they’ve been waiting to release?EXCERPTA quick shake of her father’s head in the negative told Sandra she was in for a rough day. While she had wanted to please her Daddy on his birthday, this was getting a bit ridiculous. Not wanting to hurt her father’s feelings, Sandra tried to force a smile onto her pink painted lips.“You look so beautiful, Sandra.”Unable to keep the words from escaping her mouth, Sandra fought the truth of her harsh words. “Daddy, I look like a slutty doll.”Startled by his daughter’s words, Mark realized she was right. After years of watching his grow closer and closer to eighteen, he had slowly given up on his daughter remaining little forever. In his haste to keep his now adult daughter young, Mark had probably gone a little too far. Having seen the outfit in a store window, he had instantly wanted to see Sandra in it. She’s always known about my desires for her. Such desires have never really been a secret. We’ve just been dancing around voicing them, acting on them, and then this.” When Sandra had promised to wear the outfit for his birthday, Mark had hoped such a gift might turn out to be a celebratory night for the both of them.Mark watched his daughter smooth out her corseted top, entranced by the way her breasts moved with her every breath. The sight alone could have made him moan, but then there were the other things taking his attention away from his daughter’s large breasts. The longer he looked at Sandra’s teenage body; Mark wanted to rip the outfit off.
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