Enchanted for the Weekend

Autor: Houston Cei

Wydawnictwo: Lot's Cave, Inc.

DESCRIPTION Susan has grown into a shapely girl who is dying for the touch of her dad. Dad can't help but notice the beautiful grown woman taunting him into a forbidden lust. Mom understands Susan is randy, she was a flirt in school herself as she wrestled with her own physical changes. A sexual disclosure sends Susan straight into the arms she's wanted to be in the most—dad's with mom's bit of witchery.SYNOPSIS'Enchanted for the Weekend' begins in the 60s and continues on into the real estate boom in the early part of the 21st century. The lead character in the story is a very interesting person named Emily Harrison. As a child and an adolescent she was a tomboy who preferred playing football and wrestling with the boys over playing with dolls and wearing dresses. She kept her hair cut short so as to look as much like the boys as possible.Emily later proved to be the proverbial late bloomer. In her senior year of high school she noticed how cute the other girls look in those fashionable mini-skirts, so she decided to try a new look. After letting her hair down and revealing a now voluptuous figure, she caught everyone's attention. She had an active sex life in her senior year, but later calmed down and studied hard in college to be an accountant.Emily married a childhood friend named Robert, and they had two children, first Susan and then Richard. Together they made a beautiful couple, but Emily continued to be the one who stood out. With skill and ambition they proved to have very successful careers.Susan is a true composite of her parents--being attractive, intelligent and talented. Richard is not college-oriented, but is very patriotic and makes a career of the U.S. Marine Corps.Like her mother, Susan is attractive, intelligent and ambitious, but is sexually frustrated. She has had no satisfying sexual experiences in her early adulthood, and faces the shocking reality that she is attracted to her father.There are devices throughout the story to indicate the true nature of Emily. It turns out that she is a benevolent witch, and casts a spell on both her husband and daughter to enjoy a magical weekend together in Hawaii. Emily does not necessarily approve of the situation, but accepts it as something that needs to play itself out.
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