The Spells of Danica 3

Autor: Houston Cei

Wydawnictwo: Lot's Cave, Inc.

DESCRIPTIONThe Spells of Danica Three is a three-part novella in which the beautiful and benevolent witch seems to enjoy helping others who come to her with their emotional and sexual problems. She is often seen tending her garden in in the form of an elderly lady but can transform herself at will into a sexy looking young woman. The transformations are so amazing to her guests that they surely believe she has powers and can help them learn to help themselves.In chapter one, Kristina is worried that her marriage is falling apart, but after visiting Danica and being under her spell, she attempts to repair the fractured relationship with her husband who has had an affair. In chapter two, Josephine is pregnant and worried about a possible birth defect; she has heard of Danica’s powers and potions and travels to Los Banos for help.In chapter three, Danica will try to relight the fire of the romance with her former flame Emily, the witch from Enchanted for the Weekend; however, there is a problem: Emily is still happily married to Robert. How will it work out?EXCERPTAs if fate would have it, one afternoon when Raphael was with his friends and Kristina was also with hers, Vincent and Selena were left alone together in the house. It was a middle of the week day with nothing in particular going on other than Selena’s homework with which Vincent was always glad to help; they were studying together at the breakfast bar in the kitchen. After over an hour of a question and answer session, she felt a strange sensation coming over her, and although it was at first emotionally troubling to her, it became a surprisingly pleasant feeling. The bright, green eyes that she had inherited from her father were focused on his; they always had enjoyed laughing and having a good time together, but Vincent saw a smile on her face that looked so different from any expression he had ever seen from his daughter. There was a sensual look on her face and in her smile but for the time being he shrugged it off as her growing into womanhood.“Dad, can we go into the family room now?” she asked softly.“Of course we can,” he responded, “you’ve worked hard and deserve a break. Let’s watch some TV.”“I’ll meet you there,” she responded as she detoured towards her bedroom.
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