Daddy Daughter Stories - Volume 1

Autor: Anita Little

Wydawnictwo: Lot's Cave, Inc.

DESCRIPTIONThis erotic bundle features sex between strong Daddy's and their horny young daughters needing a firm hand. Something about adolescence encourages young people to try the unknown and forbidden. The illicit, the taboo, seems more attractive and exciting. These stories feature fragile moments between childhood and maturity. A frightening time, one which holds a lifetime of lessons.EXCERPT"My father? You want to fuck my Dad?" Dad shook his head. I didn’t see him laugh, or show any kind of reaction, he just shook his head as if it was just another everyday conversation between them."Yes I do hon. I have always found him to be the right one for the job of drilling my cunt, just like you used to.""Mom would never stand for that; you know that, don’t you?"“You can try to talk to her and convince her, can’t you, I mean, this way we can continue to keep the love inside our circle, just like it should be. Speaking of which, Mandy is no longer a baby, you should think about how her innocence should be taken, after all, she is your daughter, it should be you or your father to take it.” Mom continued to crochet with lightning speed while looking at her husband as they discussed my cherry.Mom saw dads cock straining against the cloth of his knit pajama pants. She put down the crochet hook as Dad edged himself closer to where she sat. She took two fingers and ran them around Daddy’s crotch area as she talked a little more, I could see dad was getting a hard on. And then he continued to describe his own mothers’ ass...“And did you ever really notice her ass, I mean, a woman her age to have that shape, it’s flawless, I mean, not really, your ass is rounder... It is... was...
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