Daddy Said My Panties Were Too Skimpy

Autor: Tiffany Meat

Wydawnictwo: Lot's Cave, Inc.

DESCRIPTIONKaren was brought up to obey her daddy. One day, she decided to stand up to him by wearing her skimpy panties. She was told to behave but disobeyed them. That was a big mistake on her part. Big, mistake. Can she take it all? Will the punishment tear her apart? Her only chance is to listen to her neighbors as they give it to her. But like many people, she often learns things the hard way.EXCERPTDaddy laughed, punched me in the kidney and told me, “Stop being a spoiled brat; you know you want it! You know that I know that you want it unprotected. You fucking cunt.Lifting up my butt, daddy spread my butt apart and before I could say anything, he shoved his cock (much thicker than my brother’s) into my wet, ravaged pussy. Oh God, please have mercy on me!“Damn, you’ve got a tight pussy considering you’re whore.” All I could do was continue to scream as daddy did me good and hard while my brother shoved his cock into my mouth.“See daddy, I told you she was a whore; you didn’t believe me but here’s the proof.”Daddy grunted as kept fucking my tight pussy. “I sure hope you’re fertile, honey, because I sure as hell don’t believe in protection.”
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