Cherries For Charity

Autor: Nicola Nichols

Wydawnictwo: Lot's Cave, Inc.

DESCRIPTIONFiona's new career isn't taking off. It isn't that she isn't good, but that she doesn't have connections. Most of the business done in her field takes places in an exclusive club and she needs to get in. When the membership committee suggests that she volunteer her services for annual fund raiser, she sees a chance. She's still a virgin and the committee wants to auction off her first time having sex. It's hot, unprotected, and for a good cause.EXCERPT“To become a member. If you participate you become a full member immediately. We even waive your first year’s dues if you go through with it. It’s all in costume and very discrete. Officially you receive a gold recommendation from the membership committee for service to the club. Roxanne is the treasurer and she would arrange for your dues to be marked paid.”“So men bid for the right to take my cherry.”Roxanne laughed. “Yes, but there is more you need to know. This is a fund raising event and requires some show. During the party you will be escorted into the inner sanctum where the auction is held. For the first hour, you will serve drinks while naked, except for the mask we will provide. This lets the men see what is on offer. During that time they are allowed to place bids in a silent auction.”“That seems more dignified that having some auctioneer shouting,” Rod said. “And it won’t distract from the show.”“Then the bidding is closed and the winning bid announced. The winners claim their prizes.”“With people watching?”Rod laughed. “That’s half the point—they’ll pay a lot to be part of this because they win something even if they lose the bid—a show. We limit the number of participants so that everyone gets a good view of the deflowering. And, I should mention, we want to offer a second prize… the second highest bidder has the option of enjoying himself with the former virgin as well.”Roxanne smiled. “So, just to be clear, you’d agree to going to the even and being fondled by costumed men, then you let the highest bidder fuck you in whatever position he chooses. After he comes, the second highest bidder will take his turn.”“And then you are a full member, with all the rights that go with it, and you’ll have the additional edge of knowing some of what goes on in the club at other levels.”She wondered briefly if they were putting her on, trying to see if she’d take a shortcut. The earlier interview had been frosty and now they were coaxing her. Not only were they offering her a sure way into the club, one that saved her a year’s dues, it might be her only hope of getting in. “I’ll do it.”Roxanne smiled. “Excellent. We will provide the costume ahead of the party. If you are certain about your commitment, then we can proceed.”
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