Daddies Impregnating Their Daughters 8-Pack Vol 4

Autor: Amber FoxxFire

Wydawnictwo: Amber FoxxFire

This Super Hot and Super Slicked-up mega-bundle is just what you need. Every word of these 8 stories was picked for maximum pleasure. Enjoy!Stories Included:- Mind-Controlled & Punished By Daddy- Daddy Can't Take it Any Longer!- Banged By Daddy in the Haunted House- Sleep Sex With My Virgin Daughter- Fucking My Obedient, Mind-Controlled Daughter- Dominated by Daddy- Fuck me Harder, Daddy!- Seeded By Daddy* Mind-Controlled & Punished By DaddyI knew my precocious, 18-year-old daughter was stealing from me. But I wanted to catch her in the act before punishing her. Here, honey, here are those diamond-studded earrings you’ve always wanted. Now put them on and… What’s that? You feel funny?I can’t fathom why…* Daddy Can't Take it Any Longer!God, she was a tease! My 18-year-old daughter, Amelia, was just too damn sexy. She knew it, too. Sometimes I wondered if she wore her skimpy outfits around the house on purpose.But everyone has their limits. And today was mine. I had a special cream that I’d saved for just this purpose. A mind-control cream. The question wasn’t why I used it on my daughter, but why I’d waited so damn long!* Banged By Daddy in the Haunted HouseI had just turned 18 and, it being Halloween, I wanted to dress like a slut. After all, I was of legal age now; daddy couldn’t stop me. My friends and I traipsed down to the local haunted house. But I think I got a little turned around as I found myself being groped by a hot, horny hunk.It wasn’t until it was too late that I realized my masked lover was my father…* Sleep Sex With My Virgin DaughterMy hot, horny virgin 18-year-old daughter had been teasing me out of my mind with her tight, skimpy outfits. I don’t know if she was doing it on purpose or was just clueless, but I simply couldn’t take it any more.I waited until she was fast asleep in her room, then I rubbed some of my “sleeping cream” on her, then had my way with her. She never knew.* Fucking My Obedient, Mind-Controlled DaughterA simple wave of the hand. If done correctly, could put a woman under within seconds. Once I found that out, I took control of Selena, my sizzling hot 18-year-old daughter’s mind. Whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted it.Need a beer from the fridge? A simple wave of my hand and it was mine. Want my daughter to snuggle up with me while watching the game? A wave of the hand and she was mine.But I wanted more. I wanted what I couldn’t have. I wanted my daughter.* Dominated by Daddy18-year-old Alexa needed her daddy to take her hard and rough. She needed him to manhandle her and make her beg for him to give it to her hard and withOUT protection.* Fuck me Harder, Daddy!Fantasies weren’t enough. I needed daddy. I fantasized about what I’d do to him if given half a chance. That chance came and I pounced on it like a bitch in heat.* Seeded by DaddyEver on the lookout for ways to get my daddy inside me, I finally stumbled upon a sure-fire way. Mind control. According to my best friend, it really worked. I couldn’t wait to test it out. Daddy would never know.
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