Daddies Impregnating Their Daughters 8-Pack Vol 3

Autor: Amber FoxxFire

Wydawnictwo: Amber FoxxFire

This Super Hot and Super Slicked-up mega-bundle is just what you need. Every word of these 8 stories was picked for maximum pleasure. Enjoy!Stories Included:- Drugged, Sleeping Virgin Daughter Drilled by Daddy- Charming Daddy's Snake- Paying Off My Debt to Daddy- Daddy Took Me Like a Real Man- Hypnotized by My Daughter- Getting Daddy Drunk- Pounding My Daughter's Pussy- Daddy's Slumber Party Sluts* Drugged, Sleeping Virgin DaughterGood girl Mary gets slipped a pill by her father. By the time he realizes that she’s still a virgin, it’s too late…* Charming Daddy's SnakeStill a virgin, 18-year-old Tiffany wanted her father to be the one to pop her cherry. Knowing he’d never do something so filthy and depraved, she ordered some pills online, waited for the perfect time and slipped them into his drink.What she didn’t expect was for him to slip out of her control before he was finished!* Paying Off My Debt to DaddyAfter a multi-thousand dollar shopping spree with daddy’s money, 18-year-old Madeline knew she was in trouble. She thought she was just going to get grounded or have her car taken away. She could never have expected the punishment daddy gave her.* Daddy Took Me Like a Real ManAfter my boyfriend refused to slap cuffs on me and take me hard and proper like an 18-year-old woman should be taken, I decided to leave the wimp and find myself a real man.I found one. I just didn’t know that real man would be my daddy.* Hypnotized by My DaughterLooking for a way to lose my virginity with my daddy, I was drawn to a magic shop. The lady seemed to know exactly what I needed.What I needed, was daddy’s cock.* Getting Daddy DrunkI couldn’t believe it. Here I was, 18, and still a virgin. My horny lady parts ached with desire. A desire only my daddy could quench.* Pounding My Daughter's PussyMy 18-year-old daughter was all grown up now and was as gorgeous as her mother at that age. Every time I saw her, I ached and throbbed for her. I had to have her. I needed her in the worst way that a father could.Fortunately, I found a way to have her. And, if I do it right, she’ll never know.* Daddy's Slumber Party SlutsThe three of us 18-year-old girls threw a slumber-party to celebrate the end of summer. We were all starting college next semester and wanted to have a little fun before sticking our noses in our books.I first noticed something was amiss when dad stared lustily at my best friend, Jen. She was hot, I’ll grant that. But watching my father lust after my best friend made me wet.
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