Raped by the Neighbor's Stallion

Autor: Amber FoxxFire

Wydawnictwo: Amber FoxxFire

Beverly was sick and tired of the next-door-neighbor’s stallion hopping the fence into her yard every morning. This time, she’d had enough.Running and yelling at the large stallion, she tried to chase it away, but something unexpected happened:The stallion turned on her…Excerpt:He turned his attention down toward her lady parts, pawing the ground as flames of lust filled him. The stallion stamped his foot upon the ground, glaring at her."No!,” she whimpered, her voice was weak and she licked her dry lips.Impatience filled him and he nudged her harder. He needed her to remove her shorts, allowing him to see her pussy.Gulping, she slid her hands down her slender waist and hesitantly slid them off.Free of her shorts, she spread her long legs, her heart slamming in her throat."Please no," she begged, looking at the large, powerful horse, as conflicting emotions clashed within her. The stronger emotion told her to get away, that this was improper ,while the other whispered that she'd regret not allowing this magnificent beast to have his way with her.He nudged her to her feet and she stood frozen to the spot, letting him sniff her pussy scent. She was positive that if he left her alone, she'd never again attempt to control this dominant animal."That's why your owner never could control you. You're the leader and no one can stop you from doing what you want." That idea dawned on her as she understood why his owner never liked to come over to retrieve his horse.Desperado tossed aside her shorts and threw them to the ground, then nuzzled into her pussy. he forced her legs to spread out. She let him, knowing that he was going to do whatever he wanted.He forced her to the ground again as if she were a rag doll. She was confused as to what he wanted until she saw his big, magnificent cock. Her eyes widened as she took in his massive, impossibly long horse cock."No!" She cried out as stared at his phallus. Did he really expect to fit that thing inside her tight pussy? There was no way!
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