Taking the Priest

Autor: Naughty Nikita

Wydawnictwo: Panthera

I was content with my life. I had a beautiful wife, 2 dogs and was a well-liked pastor at my small church. I was also looking after a 19-year-old woman named Tina with whom I’d practically grown up with.I loved Tina. But not in that way. She, however, had different ideas.One day while doing dishes, she came home from her date sobbing. I felt sorry for her and wished her the best of luck, but before I knew what was happening, my wife walked in on us making out. 5 feet. That was all that separated my scandalous affair from my wife.5 feet.(Priest, Older Younger, Age Gap, Age Difference, XXX, Sex, Brat, Erotica, Breeding, Breeding Erotica, Older Man, Younger Woman, Age Gap Erotica, Sexy, Short Story, Fiction)
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