New media in the marketing communication of enterprises in the international market

Autor: Małgorzata Bartosik-Purgat

Wydawnictwo: Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN

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The book addresses the use of new media in communication in foreign markets. It describes the latest marketing strategies which were created due to the widespread access to the Internet, the development of technology and new media, such as social media marketing, 360 degree marketing, inbound marketing.
The author presents a set of tools that are used to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of the use of new media in marketing. She indicates the factors that may determine the actions within marketing communication in foreign markets.
The publication also presents the results of quantitative and qualitative research conducted in over 320 enterprises operating not only in Poland but also in foreign markets - divided into B2B and B2C markets. The results of the research identify solutions that are used by enterprises in communication with foreign partners as well as factors which define the nature of the communication.
Thanks to the presented case studies, the book is an invaluable source of knowledge for everyone who studies market trends and coordinates marketing activities. It can also be useful for students of management, marketing and new media in the following subject areas: marketing, marketing communication, international marketing, digitalization in marketing.

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