Japanese Supply Chains in Europe. Management and Development

Autor: Anna Baraniecka

Wydawnictwo: PWE

This book is an attempt at broadening the knowledge on the operation of Japanese enterprises in

Europe from the point of view of a harmonious cooperation with the surrounding environment and a

possibility to transfer Japanese supply chain management methods to countries at different stages of

social and economic development. Therefore, Great Britain was selected for comparative study, which

used to be the original direction of foreign expansion of Japanese corporations in Europe, and Poland,

where Japanese companies started to operate a few years after the transformation of political system

in the second half of the 90s in the last century. The authors understand Japanese supply chains as

companies cooperating in different areas of operation of a company, among which the role of the

leader and the central coordinator of the information, goods and financial means is fulfilled by entities

with a predominance of Japanese capital. Additionally, in the entity structure of those supply chains

prevail Japanese suppliers of goods and services.

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