Polish Yearbook of Law & Economics. Vol. 6 (2015)

Autor: Jarosław Bełdowski, Katarzyna Metelska-Szaniawska, Louis Visscher

Wydawnictwo: C. H. Beck

This sixth volume of the Polish Yearbook of Law & Economics contains a collection of articles selected, following a separate review process, from papers delivered at 4th Polish Law & Economics Conference, which took place at the Warsaw School of Economics on October 23–24, 2015. About 70 scholars, students and practitioners were participants of this Conference organised by the Polish Association of Law & Economics (PSEAP) and Warsaw School of Economics, in cooperation with the Centre for Economic Analyses of Public Sector (CEAPS) at Faculty of Economic Sciences of the University of Warsaw.

“From the fundamentals to concrete applications. The yearbook has it all. It takes the reader on a challenging and informative journey regarding current theoretical and practical contributions in Law and Economics and its most recent applications in Poland.
A great read."

Prof. Peter Lewisch, University of Vienna Law School,
Board Member of the European Association of Law and Economics

“The impressive sixth volume of the Polish Yearbook of Law & Economics presents important and interesting papers, which mostly analyze Polish economic and legal regulations. This is especially important for introduction of rules of Law and Economics to legal practice and proper shaping of government policies in our country. Therefore I welcome this Yearbook with great enthusiasm."

Prof. Andrzej Baniak, Department of Economics, Central European University,
former Director of the MA Program in Law and Economics

Polish Yearbook of Law & Economics Vol. 6 (2015) contains papers by scholars both from various Polish universities and from abroad. They include: Prof. Ejan Mackaay, Prof. Alexander Wulf, Dr. hab. Piotr Tereszkiewicz, Prof. Włodzimierz Szpringer, Mariusz Szpringer, Prof. Krystyna Nizioł, Dr. Marcin Menkes, Agnieszka Orfin, as well as the winner of the Best Student Paper Prize competition accompanying the Conference (Anna Lewczuk). Topics covered range from reflections on the origins, essence, and future of Law and Economics, to specific issues within such areas as contract law, financial law, and economic analysis of crime.

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