Medical law. Cases and commentaries

Autor: Marek Safjan

Wydawnictwo: Wolters Kluwer

The publication presents several dozen judgements of European and constitutional tribunals and of Polish as well as foreign courts which relate to the main issues of the debate conducted in Poland nowadays. They illustrate current development trends that occur in Polish and European medical law and also reveal the complexity and intricacy of medical issues. Separate statements enclosed to some judgements highlight the broad scope of problems arising in that field.

Glosses to each of the judgements and separate footnotes referring the reader to the literature provide a complete description of the subject matter. They also clarify the normative context of the cases reviewed. Moreover, all comments present problems from legal, ethical, political and even economic perspective. Both theoretical and practical aspects of issues concerning vindication of claims and the range of presentation of claims are highlighted in the book.

The Authors contributing to the publication are affiliated with the University of Warsaw. Their main research interests include medical law, civil law, constitutional law and European law.

The book is recommended for lawyers and physicians as well as all those interested in the field of bioethics and the issues of the health care.

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