British Accents: Cockney, RP, Estuary English

Autor: Paweł Rogaliński

Wydawnictwo: Self Publishing

Today, we can find many elements of speech, which are considered to be characteristic of the Cockney accent and are used in Standard English. Other examples show that Londoners’ speech, as well as Received Pronunciation are both used on television and radio. What is more, the book concentrates upon the way RP changes, the impact of Cockney on Received Pronunciation, and certain features of the accents perceived as 'standard' ones. Paweł Rogaliński (born in 1987) is a Polish freelance journalist, publisher, bloger (, and an English teacher. He writes sociopolitical articles for all-Polish magazines and Polish minority newspapers (e.g. "Polish Zone" in the United Kingdom, "Magazyn Polonia" in the United States, "Tygodnik Polski" in Australia, “Panorama Polska” in Canada, "Gazeta Petersburska" in Russia). He published a collection of his essays and articles entitled "Świat, polityka i my" in 2010. Paweł Rogaliński was granted several prestigious European awards.

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