The Little Match Girl. Fairy Tales

Autor: Peter L. Looker


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Here it is !

We are presenting the series comprising 12 most popular Fairy Tales ever.
Beautiful illustrations; easy, clear and comprehensible narration; clever, always up-to-date stories - these are only few features out of many this version is filled with.

Ebooks we are about to publish are created the way to move a reader to the bygone times where the fiction mingles with wisdom of our forefathers, where the evil is always defeated.  Adventure sucking in the listener and keeping them strongly until the last bit of the story is let out.

Epub version of the ebook we are about to present contains audio story accompanied by music and athmospheric sound efects.

In case an ebook doesn’t work properly please check for latest updates of you reader or/and application you are going to use.

Audio files for listening purposes will be found in ePub version of the ebook. If the sound is not audible we refer you to the technical specification of the device you are going to use.

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