English in Situations

Autor: Joanna Bruska, Dorota Guzik, Anna Kicińska

Wydawnictwo: DiM – Nauka i Multimedia

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„A Month in Brighton” and „Holiday Travels” present the subjects of everyday conversations, teach typical expressions used when travelling and going abroad.
„Business English” broadens vocabulary used at work and when seeking new employment. It develops communication skills in the office and in various business situations.
„Grammar Tenses” teaches step by step the most important tenses that are necessary for effective communication in English.
The varied exercises in each course consolidate the material and teach how to use it in practice. In addition, there is a Glossary to each lesson in the PDF file, including the more difficult words and phrases. This is effective learning, easy and available to everyone.
Each lesson contains:
1. Listen – a dialogue or text introducing the subject of the lesson;
2. Repeat – repeating and consolidating sentences and questions in various situations;
3. Speak – independent formation of sentences and questions in accordance with the teacher’s instructions.

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