Learning takes place through the association of meanings in contexts. The exercises in each lesson allow the learner to master and consolidate the expressions quickly. This is effective learning, easy and accessible to everyone.
„Irregular Verbs Part 1” and „Irregular Verbs Part 2” introduce 100 popular irregular verbs and teach how to use them in the appropriate tenses and grammatical forms.
„Idioms Part 1 & 2” teaches more than 300 idiomatic phrases that appear in typical situations.
„Phrasal Verbs in Situations” introduces more than 200 verbs with similar meanings according to the categories of the following particles: out, off, through, into, over, up, down, away, on, back.
Each lesson contains:
– Listen - an interesting story showing use of the expressions in context;
– Repeat - repeating and consolidating of whole sentences in various situations;
– Speak - independent formation of sentences in accordance with the teacher’s instructions;
– Glossary – to each lesson in the PDF file with the translations of verbs and phrases.