The First Chess Olympiad - London 1927

Autor: Krzysztof Puszczewicz

Wydawnictwo: Comrel

"The Great Book of Chess Olympiads Take part in an unusual journey through time... From the 1920s of the 20th century until today, the best chess players from all over the world continue fighting in Chess Olympiads. Sweet taste of victory and happiness, bitter taste of failure and doubt - emotions are an integral part of chess games and they can often decide the course of the battle. Better understanding of chess results requires looking not only at the notation page, but at the bigger picture, at everything that surrounds the game. The Great Book of Chess Olympiads is a complete series of stories taking the readers behind the scenes of chess tournaments played under the logo of FIDE. The author spent 10 years reconstructing the history and results of Olympiads. It was slow and meticulous work involving searching and gathering information from various sources. He explained many unclear match situations, and corrected wrong entries in games notations, some of which were repeated by generations of chess researchers. The First Chess OlympiadLondon 1927 London 1927 was the first official Chess Olympiad. Most of chess stars of that time took part in the tournament, among them the future world champion - Max Euwe. The First Olympiad is the least documented one. Nonetheless, the author managed to find a lot of new interesting information and unique photographs. For more information, visit our official site:"
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