The Major

Autor: Marcin Ciszewski

Seria wydawnicza: www (Marcin Ciszewski)

Wydawnictwo: WarBook

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„If Tom Clancy wrote about the occupation of Warsaw, Marcin Ciszewski would have made a worthy rival. «Major» combines the best aspects of a war novel and spy thriller. Until the very end we do not know who will be up for the challenge - the Nazis, the Soviets and Poles” – Paweł Jasiński service

August 2007.
The First Independent Reconnaissance Battalion prepares to join the war in Afghanistan.
As a result of a diabolical conspiracy thrown into the battlefields of the War against Poland in the year 1939...

April 1943. Trapped in time, the battalion soldiers continue to fight against the German invaders and protect the leftover equipment from German and Soviet agents. Commander of the Polish Home Army, General Rowecki, supported by Lieutenant Wojtynski, start negotiations with the Americans trying to gain their support in exchange for future technology. At the same time in Warsaw, SS-Brigadeführer Jürgen Stroop arrives for his mission entrusted to him personally by Heinrich Himmler to make the final liquidation of the Warsaw Ghetto...

„But dear Stroop.” The General twitched. Only two persons in the whole world addressed him in such a way. And the stranger surely wasn`t one of them. „I know more than you think. I can foresee the future,” the man said as he smiled again, but his eyes remained cold.
The General’s eyes gradually adapted to the half-light in the room, allowing him to see everything in greater detail, including the eyes of the stranger - the eyes of a killer.

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