Autor: Joanna Rajch

Wydawnictwo: Apteka Wirtualna

Stron: 49

Opłacalność: 20.78 zł/100 stron

A moving, African tale about a boy, who lives in Kenia. After the death of his parents, his destiny is an orphanage in Mombasa. Unable to come to terms with his faith he runs away to the savanna, where an incredible adventure in the world of wild animals awaits him. The story of the red earth shows the world through his eyes, as he penetrates the kingdom of wild nature, creating a magical atmosphere of coexistence between humans and animals. The reader can expect lots of unexpected events, endearing scenes, realistic descriptions of traditions and culture of contemporary and indigenous Kenyans.
The book brings a glamour of hope, that our threatened world will never die. Part of the proceeds from this book sales will be transferred to support the activities of the Gaja Association of Ecological- Cultural Klub, which for many years has been supporting the protection of the environment and animal rights
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