Poland’s Foreign Policy after 1989

Autor: Roman Kuźniar

Wydawnictwo: Wydawnictwo Naukowe Scholar

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The first monograph about the Polish foreign policy after 1989. Roman Kuźniar focuses on the main challenges of the period in question: regaining sovereignty and establishing a solid foundation for Poland’s security as well as economic and civilisational development. The successes in these areas made Poland regain the freedom to operate in the international arena. The author combined a regular lecture on foreign policy with his critical commentary.

“This book is concerned with the real foreign policy, i.e. the one that Poland has actually been pursuing (the “positive” policy rather than the postulated one). What this is not, then, is a study of accompanying concepts, options, criticisms or debate. While always interesting and at times fascinating, these threads are only referred to intermittently here”.

Roman Kuźniar

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