The Pearl

Autor: Rafał Kosowski

Wydawnictwo: Vocatio

In the 15th century B.C. aggressive Egypt is at the peak of its power. However, the vassals of the conquered Canaan are making plans to throw off the yoke of the hateful pharaohs. Aberes (Pearl) - a beautiful girl from an ordinary family is married by the king of the most important cities of Canaan. Among great passions and ruthless politics, her beloved husband is offered an opportunity of uniting the whole country under his rule. Aberes doesn't share his ambitions and only wants to live a peacuful life with her husband  and have a long-awaited child. Little does she know, however, how much  her husband's thirst for power will affect her and the ones she loves. She is unaware that behind every earthly power there stands a spiritual might that will do everything to reach its goals.

Pearl is a thrilling, passionate story by Rafał Kosowski  about the times when people surrandered their lives to cruel "gods" and unbridled desires. It's a story of a woman who loves life and tries to find her place in a society that consistently loses all its moral constraints. Fate gave her more than she  could ever expect but there came a time when it demanded a price she was unable to pay. Demons showed their clows.

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