Financial market instruments in case studies

Autor: Izabela Pruchnicka-Grabias

Wydawnictwo: CeDeWu

Financial market is the core of the economy. It has a profound impact on many of its sectors and allows it to fiinction properly. It is due to various financial instruments which are created to fulfiH needs of its participants. They are morę and morę complex and thus better and better tailored to their users' ne­cessities. The book presents some of these products, especially those which are not well developed on the Polish market that is mortgage instruments, foreign exchange forwards, options, credit derivatives and structured products. The aim of its Authors was to show the difference between the Polish and other markets. It was reached by giving these products characteristics and the present state of development in the world markets as well as in Po­land. The book, prepared by economists from the best Polish universities, is devoted to students, scientists as well as to existing and potential investors of the Polish financial market. Being written in English, I am surę it will have a great deal of not only Polish but also foreign readers.

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