Harry Truman and the recognition of the State of Israel. Historical documents

Autor: Gniewomir Pieńkowski

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Co-existence of the Jewish and Arab Nation was doomed to change into a conflict because in the past and nowadays these two nations claimed their rights to the same part of territory and their own holy places. It was the reason why in the 19th and 20th century the confrontation of civilization took place in the Middle East. Morever, the Arab and the Jewish people began cooperation with France and Great Britain, which gave them hopes to establish an independent Arab and Jewish country. In spite of the hopes given to both countries the western powers' main goal was to intentionally antagonize both sides of the conflict and never fulfill their promises.

In the pre- mandatory time the conflict began strengthening. The First World War strenghtened the disruption between the Arab Nation and Jewish immigrants. The Second World War did not bring a solution to the Arab – Jewish conflict in Palestine either. On the contrary, the war and terror intensified.

The hotbed of the fierce conflict which turned into the war was establishing an independent State of Israel in 1948. The young country became an icon of democracy and the guard of western powers' interests (especially American). The Cold War put the local Arab – Jewish conflict in international dimension which was interpreted as a clash between American Imperialism represented by Israel and Arab Independence Movement supported by USSR. The Middle East affairs clearly influenced the construction of the American “Surrounding Doctrine” of the USSR. That was the time when military base were installed in fundamental countries like Turkey, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

The grounds of the political and social system and structures of governments were created in 1948. The work on the country constitution was postponed because of the military operation led by Israel Defence Forces (IDF) from the first part of May 1948. The Arab countries have never accepted Israel even though in 1948 -149 Israel was approved by fifty countries and in May 1949 it joined the United Nations (UN).

Military struggle in the State of Israel began in 1947 directly after announcing the UN resolution. At the same time riots started to appear on the Palestine territory which transformed into a domestic war between Jewish and Arab people. In January 1948 the Arab – Jewish conflict reached panarabian dimension. That was the time when Israel began its fight for survival. Israel Army revised its strategy. The situation was getting worse and worse. On May 15 in 1948 Lebanese, Syrian, Jordanian, Iraqi and Egyptian armies invaded the State of Israel one day before its proclamation.

In this publication I presented materials from Harry Truman Archives. They show the previously mentioned historical events in Israel from the US government prospect. I hope that, this publication will look at the Middle East Conflict and American – Israeli relations from a new perspective and become contribution to a numerous of valuable research.

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