The Mystery of Angelina Frood

Autor: R. Austin Freeman


Stron: 305

Opłacalność: 3.91 zł/100 stron

Oszczędzasz: 20%

Angelina Frood, a striking young ex-actress, has gone missing and her new friend Dr. Strangeways, a good-hearted young doctor and the narrator of the story, is determined to find out what has happened and along the way enlists the assistance of Dr. Thorndyke. The local police Sergeant is hot on the trail, as items of clothing and jewellery belonging to Angelina are discovered. There’s serious trouble ahead, but fortunately Dr. Thorndyke, the great medico-legal expert, will take a keen interest in the young woman’s troubles, through the championship of Dr. Strangeways. This novel deals with some very modern themes: domestic violence, gender inequalities, drug addiction – and advanced methods of forensic science as practiced by Dr. Thorndyke.

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