The Wheels of Chance

Autor: Herbert George Wells


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This novel is a great document illustrating the anticipation of comings of the 20th century. This early H.G. Wells’ tale is about a 20 year old man who has a job as a Drapers Assistant, a job which he is probably too old for. Loaded with poor self esteem and a second class status, poor Mr. Hoopdriver takes a ten day holiday. On this holiday he falls for a young socialite named Jessie who is rebelling against her stepmother and society. She soon falls prey to a married man that had designs on compromising her but the hero Mr. Hoopdriver comes like a knight in shining armor, to her rescue. „The Wheels of Chance” – A Bicycling Idyll follows the adventures of a Drapers Assistant who, having brought an ancient bicycle, sets off on a 2 week tour of the countryside. And his world will never be the same again.

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