A Prince of the Captivity

Autor: John Buchan

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A classic John Buchan story of espionage during World War I. It contains several familiar Buchan elements: a motley cast of characters, Great War intrigue, the use of disguises and linguistic talents, the concept of gaining inner strength from a beloved spot in nature, man against the forces of nature in less benign settings, a race against time and evil, and sacrifice for a greater good. This is the epic story of one mans courage. Adam Melfort released from jail just before the outbreak of World War I and becomes involved in intelligence work behind enemy lines. After the war he carries on seeking adventure and tries to prevent the assassination of the German Chancellor. A Prince of the Captivity is not a story about external events, but about what happens in Adams mind and soul as he tries to rebuild his life in a new pattern. However, the external events that forge Melforts soul are drawn from the toolbox of a skillful writer of thrillers.
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