Lost Pueblo

Autor: Zane Grey

Wydawnictwo: KtoCzyta.pl

Stron: 255

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Zane Grey is unrivalled in his mastery of the western scene... this is a charming and vintage story. Rich easterner Janey Endicott comes to Arizona with her father, where she is bored until she meets archeologist Phillip Randolph, who is investigating ancient Indian pueblos in the midst of the West’s wild culture. The distinct differences of personalities – she free and easy and wild, and he, quiet, reserved, „old fashioned” – is cause for quite interesting circumstances to erupt between them. Her father, rushing in where angels fear to tread, tries to match her with the son of an old friend. Complications arise. Moreover, her father and his money stage-manage all the excitement while the newly discovered pueblo ruins add prestige to the adventures which end in marriage.

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