Bull Hunter

Autor: Max Brand

Wydawnictwo: KtoCzyta.pl

Stron: 171

Opłacalność: 5.79 zł/100 stron

Oszczędzasz: 34%

Another great Max Brand western, first written in 1921. The story follows a cousin who was taken in by his uncle and his two sons. They make fun of him, and use his size and strength to do the hard chores they can’t do. The huge, lumbering outlaw Bull Hunter intends to hunt down and kill the men responsible for his uncle’s death. When he finds out that the ringleader is already behind bars, he devises a clever plot to spring his nemesis in order to dispense his comeuppance, street justice-style. Enjoyable story that would appeal to those who like to see someone who’s been bullied get a chance to rise above self doubt and circumstances.

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