This monograph talks about widely understood quality engineering problems, mainly in technological processes. It presents the theoretical background, as well as practical examples of tools, techniques and methods supporting supervision and improvement of quality of production processes, such as control charts, process quality capability indexes, and many others. Modern manufacturing technologies are key to obtaining highest product quality. Meeting very high requirements of customers is a diffi cult task faced by present manufacturing companies. This entails the necessity to use methods like MSA, SPC, FMEA, QFD, Six Sigma and others. Current literature on this subject is not consolidated and very dispersed. The proposed monograph is a culmination of the author’s many years of work in the fi eld of production process engineering and in a comprehensive way discusses the use of a wide range of techniques, tools and methods in solving very complex problems. This work is a monograph; nevertheless, it may be used as an academic textbook at technical, economic and agricultural universities. For example, at the Warsaw University of Technology, it may be used as a reference publication for subjects such as Quality Management, Manufacturing Processes Quality Improvement, SPC – Statistical Process Control or Metrology, for fi elds of study like Management and Production Engineering, Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering, Automation and Robotics, Papermaking and Printing, with approximately 400 students. This publication may also be used by manufacturing companies – mainly from the mechanical industry, including machine tool building, automotive and aerospace industries. It may also be useful in other industry branches such as food processing, pharmaceutical industry and many others.