To London Town

Autor: Arthur Morrison

Wydawnictwo: Ventigo Media

A widow and her two children struggle to make ends meet in East London after their grandfather and provider is killed. First they are threatened by a sponging uncle and his friend Mr. Butson, a cadger of suppers, then by their new landlord Mr. Dunkin, a man who exudes a wealth of sympathy, a wealth that Mr. Dunkin squandered with no restraint but this, that it carried no other sort of wealth with it. To London Town novel was intended to provide a picture of working-class life in the East End of London at the end of the nineteenth century. Arthur Morrison, (1863-1945), English writer noted for realist novels and short stories describing slum life in Londons East End at the end of the Victorian era. A Child of the Jago and To London Town completed this East End trilogy.
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