The Boy Fortune Hunters in the South Seas

Autor: L. Frank Baum

Wydawnictwo: Ventigo Media

If you like the books by Iain Lawrence The Wreckers, The Smugglers, and The Buccaneers youll love the adventures of Sam Steele. The Boy Fortune Hunters series began in 1906 with the novel Sam Steeles Adventures on Land and Sea (later re-published as The Boy Fortune Hunters in Alaska). The series lasted six novels, ending in 1911 with the novel The Boy Fortune Hunters in the South Seas. Here, Sam Steele and crew are shipwrecked on a forbidding and mysterious island where the natives worship a powerful Pearl God in a temple overflowing with the most luxurious pearls in the world. Sam is delighted at the prospect of such enormous riches but the boy-king of the island is forced to sentence Sam to a watery grave. Airplane rescues, uncharted islands, revolutionaries, a lost king, and riches beyond imagination await you as you travel with the Boy Fortune Hunters to fabulous adventure in the South Seas!
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