European Union financial legislation has evolved from liberalization and deregulation to the harmonization of law, uniform rulebooks and supervisory practices, the establishment of new regulatory agencies, and the federalization of financial market law. In response to the global financial crisis, fundamental changes have been made at the European level to the legal framework of single financial market regulation and supervision. The new regulatory and supervisory developments transfer more powers to the EU and enhance the process of the federalization of financial market law. This alters the paradigm in the functioning of the financial safety net. In which there is significant strengthening of the positions of the new regulatory and supervisory authorities, chich are given binding powers in the sphere of law In action, thus ensuring the effectiveness of norms established at the European level. Within the framework of a systemic approach to the EU financial market, this book Illustrates the steps taken towards the Integration of the legal and Institutional structures of the financial safety net. The core content of this book addresses the legal foundations of the new supervisory and regulatory architecture that were introduced In European directives and regulations in the aftermath of the global financial crisis.