Poland on the New Silk Road. Current state and perspectives

Autor: Aleksandra Bartosiewicz, Paulina Szterlik

Wydawnictwo: Wyd. Uniwersytetu Łódzkiego

The reactivation of the concept of the old Silk Road (SR), the so-called New Silk Road (NSR) or the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), formerly also known as the One Belt, One Road (OBOR), is aimed at generating additional value in the logistics network. The network of connections, proposed as a necessary part of the BRI, considers the Republic of Poland (RP) to be a key country for the creation of the route. The proposed book provides an overview of China’s relations with Poland in the context of the NSR. It also attempts to describe the impact which the BRI has on the land and maritime supply chains in Poland. In addition, it endeavours to answer questions about the opportunities and threats resulting from Poland’s participation in the initiative as well as to assess its further development prospects. To this end, the publication analyses various documents and publications or press releases on mutual Sino-Polish relations, particularly data published in numerous industry reports, national development strategies until 2030 or the European Union (EU) as well as local projects and statistics. The Authors also performed the scenario analysis on the basis of the PEST and SWOT analysis of the factors influencing the further development of the Chinese concept.
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