Autor: BD Johnston

Wydawnictwo: Atlantis

Desire. Sex. Money. Property. Your property. Your country's property. Gold oil spices. How much can you get and how much can you get away with? For as long as mankind has existed these have been the pivotal questions, of how much can I get away with as a person, as a company, a country, as a species? The lust to take as much as you can has long sought to be balanced by those we perceive as in the heavens, in a higher place or in a higher calling. The digital social network revolution has for the first time made a collective consciousness possible to equal if not challenge any other collective consciousness, and the system in place for cooling this internal rage of fire to take as much as you can without any regard for others. BD Johnston explores the nature of man, its individual past, and collective motion in to the future, its desire to make an impression even at a cost to the truth, for its own gains of sanity, pleasure Or Prosperity.
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