All the Naughty 30-Pack Vol 2

Autor: Jade Summers

Wydawnictwo: Dark Dreams

Finally, it's here! Vol 2 of my epic collection of the naughtiest, smuttiest, nastiest stories you'll ever lay eyes on. 30 stories, that's 80 thousand words, of pure smut. This bundle includes stories involving: drugged sex with humans and animals; women hypnotized to have sex with family members and animals; gangbangs with family members, animals and random groups of men (including the police!); breeding and lactation with animals; and women falling in love with their pets and showing them exactly how much they love them. This mega bundle includes everything I've published in the last few months and picks up where All the Naughty, Vol 1 left off. There are no overlapping stories in the All the Naughty Mega Bundles Vol 1 and 2. This 30-Pack includes the following stories:Dominated By the DobermanI Hypnotized My Sister to Fuck Me and My DogDrugged at the Doggy DaycareObeying Her MasterCaught! Fucking the Neighbors DogsCaught! Breeding with the Neighbors DogsCaught! Knotted with the Boss's DogCaught! with Dog Cock in My MouthPorked and Impregnated by the PigFalling for the StallionCum Dump for My BrothersCream Party With DaddyDaddy's Lil Cum DumpLicking Daddy's Cum Off My SisterDrinking From My Virgin Daughter’s TitsDrugging My Daughter For CashFilling My Daughters Mouth with My CockNailing My Hitchhiking DaughterTaken in a Bad Part of TownTaken by the SWAT TeamPrison Cum DumpFree Use World #1: Big Tit Fuck DollFree Use World #2: Filling Every MouthMind Controlled Milk Machine 1Mind Controlled Milk Machine 2Mind Controlled Milk Machine 3Temp Job: Biker Bar WaitressTemp Job: StewardessTemp Job: Hot Dog CartHumiliating My Cocky Son 2Excerpt:From Free Use World #2: Filling Every Mouth:I could feel myself edging closer to an orgasm and opened my eyes to see the man next to me squirting a massive load onto the face of the woman in front of him. That was all I needed. I felt a stream of jizz shoot out of me and down the throat of the woman on the bench in front of me, her eyes on me as she swallowed it all down. I watched my cock quiver in between her lips while she played with her tits, a smile spreading across her face as I pulled out. “I’m ready for more anytime you are,” the woman said to me.“Mind if I take a turn?” a man standing to my right said. “No, not at all.” I stepped back and watched as the man sat down on the bench and pulled the woman’s skirt up, exposing a pair of sheer panties that he pulled to the side. He held her hips in place in front of him so that her pussy and asshole were fully visible. He stroked his hard cock with one hand while he fingered her wet folds with the other. The woman reached back and pulled her ass cheeks apart for the man, fully exposing every inch of herself to him. Then she lowered herself down so that his cock slid right inside her pussy. I was fixated on the woman’s tits as they jiggled with each movement, but then looked up to see all three of the women on the bench servicing multiple men. The bus stop bench was overflowing with men and women fucking and being sucked off. One woman was taking it in all three of her holes. She was crouched down over one man while he fucked her pussy, while another plowed into her asshole and a third held her head and shoved his cock down her throat. The woman sitting in the middle of the bench was bouncing up and down on a man’s cock while another thrust himself into her mouth and two other men jerked off onto her face, sending stream after stream of cum all over her. 
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