All the Naughty X 2: Mega Taboo 60-Pack

Autor: Jade Summers

Wydawnictwo: Dark Dreams

If you've been looking for a bundle with every single one of my stories in one place, then look no further! If you've never read one of my taboo stories, then what are you waiting for? This 60-Pack mega bundle includes every single one of my stories. That's 150-thousand words about sex and breeding with dogs, gorillas, horses, pigs, dads, brothers and random dudes! 60 stories that include drug and hypnosis induced gangbangs with friends, family, pets, policemen, professors, biker dudes, and bosses. Please note: The stories in this mega taboo 60-pack include everything in All the Naughty 30-pack Vols 1 & 2:1. Fucking My Sister's Virgin Mouth and Pussy2. Fucking My Sister on Her Wedding Night3. Fucking My Sister's Pregnant Pussy4. My Brother Gave Me a Gyno Exam5. Family Reunion Gangbang6. Passed Around by My Daddy7. Cum Dump for My Brothers8. Cream Party With Daddy9. Daddy's Lil Cum Dump10. Licking Daddy's Cum Off My Sister11. Drinking From My Virgin Daughter’s Tits12. Drugging My Daughter For Cash13. Filling My Daughters Mouth with My Cock14. Nailing My Hitchhiking Daughter15. Unwrapping Myself for Daddy16. Daddy's Xmas Punishment17. I Hypnotized My Sister to Fuck Me and My Dog18. Dominated By the Doberman19. Drugged at the Doggy Daycare20. Obeying Her Master21. Caught! Fucking the Neighbors Dogs22. Caught! Breeding with the Neighbors Dogs23. Caught! Knotted with the Boss's Dog24. Caught! with Dog Cock in My Mouth25. Dogwalker Gangbang26. Milk Slave to My Pitbull27. Doggie Likes to Suck28. Milked by the Doberman29. Milk Slave on the Dog Farm30. My Dog Turned Me Into A Puppy Farm31. Bred and Milked by Gorillas32. Gorilla Gangbang33. Hypno Gorilla34. Stripped and Milked at the Zoo35. Porked and Impregnated by the Pig36. Falling for the Stallion37. Hungry for Horse Cock38. Hypno Anal Gangbang39. Gangbanged by my Professors 40. Biker Bar Gangbang41. Drugged and Used by the Fraternity42. Trailer Park Gangbang43. Taken at the Police Station44. Taken by a Small Town45. Taken in a Bad Part of Town46. Taken by the SWAT Team47. Prison Cum Dump48. Free Use World #1: Big Tit Fuck Doll49. Free Use World #2: Filling Every Mouth50. Mind Controlled Milk Machine 151. Mind Controlled Milk Machine 252. Mind Controlled Milk Machine 353. Temp Job: Clinic Receptionist54. Temp Job: Biker Bar Waitress55. Temp Job: Stewardess56. Temp Job: Hot Dog Cart57. Hypnotized by Elves58. Santa's Anal Punishment59. Humiliating My Cocky Son60. Humiliating My Cocky Son 2
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