Male Temp: The First Four

Autor: Jackie McNab

Wydawnictwo: Wicked Dreams

Four short stories of first time gay experiences by four men.Travis, Brad, Josh, and Joe are all straight guys with a couple things in common. They are all flat broke and need money asap. They all also secretly fantasize about getting it on with a dude. Travis gets a job with an incredibly sexy ice cream man and gets more in the back of his ice cream truck than he anticipated! Brad spends the day with a hairdresser in a salon and gets the surprise of his life when a super hot girl hairdresser does his hair up in rollers and gives him a special treatment with the tool in between her legs! Josh takes a job as a secretary for a beautiful, curvy executive and finds out what goes on behind closed conference room doors. His gorgeous transgender boss and 4 other super hot men give him a big sexy surprise he will never forget! Joe is married to Jen and they're both asked to work in the penthouse suite of an executive hotel. Much to his humiliation, Joe cleans the floors on his hands and knees in ladies panties while his wife goes to town with two men right in front of him. He gets a big surprise in the end when his wife watches their sexy lady boss to go town on him with the secret she has in between her legs!All four men agree to take the jobs with some trepidation, but when each of their fantasies come true they experience ecstasy they never imagined in their wildest dreams!
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