A Budget of Christmas Tales

Autor: Charles Dickens

Wydawnictwo: Qasim Idrees

Included in this work are: A Christmas Carol by Dickens, The Christmas Babe by Sangster, A Western Christmas by Corning, Joe's Search for Santa Claus by Bacheller, Angela's Christmas by Schayer, The First Puritan Christmas Tree by Schayer, First New England Christmas by Butterworth, The Chimes by Dickens, Billy's Santa Claus Experience by Redmond, Christmas in Poganuc by Stowe, The Christmas Princess by Molesworth, Widow Townsend's Visitor by Molesworth, The Old Man's Christmas by Wilcox, The Christmas Goblin by Dickens, The Song of the Star by Mead, Indian Pete's Christmas Gift by Collingwood, My Christmas Gift by Collingwood, The Poor Traveler by Dickens, The Legend of the Christmas Tree by Dickens, and The Peace Egg by Ewing.
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