A Yankee in the Trenches

Autor: R. Derby Holmes

Wydawnictwo: World War Classics

Derby Holmes wanted to get into the fight before the fight was over. Just like so many young men over the years he thought leaving his home in the USA and joining the British army would be a great adventure. It didn't take long in the trenches for him to wish for the safety and cleanliness of anywhere but where he was. Holmes does a masterful job bringing us into those cold, muddy trenches and the horrible No Man's Land. He details the death and destruction with a candour that comes with the daily effects of war. His sense of humour served him well during the months he served admirably with his unit. When he finally suffered wounds that sent him back to "Blighty" he went with relief and the knowledge that he did his job. His escapades after his recovery as the British army tried to find a place for him to continue to serve are delightful. If you want to know about World War I read this book and the leave the history books to the historians!
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