The Satipatthana Vipassana Meditation - A Basic Buddhist Mindfulness Exercise

Autor: Mahasi Sayadaw

Wydawnictwo: VintReads

Satipatthana or the practice of mindfulness is recommended for all who seek to grow spiritually and eventually attain the realization of enlightenment. Buddhism itself is essentially a practical path, a system of physical and psychological techniques designed to bring about this realization. The method here described in this little book may be practised with benefit by all, Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike, because its aim is simply to expand the practiser’s consciousness and bring him face to face with his mind.Buddhist psychology or Abhidhamma teaches that you are not your mind. You already know that you are not your body. But you do not yet know that you are not your mind, because normally you identify yourself with each thought, feeling, impulse, emotion or sensation that comes into your mind. Each takes you on a little trip. Through the practice of mindfulness, you come to observe the rise and fall, the appearance and disappearance of these various thoughts and feelings, and gradually develop a sense of distance and detachment from them. Then you will no longer become caught up by your hangups. This leads to a deep inner peaceful calm. Through further practice, you will develop insight and wisdom, which is the power of consciousness to pierce through the veils of illusion and ignorance to the reality that lies beyond.
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