Christmas at Peleliu Cove

Autor: M. L. Buchman

Wydawnictwo: Buchman Bookworks, Inc.

-a Night Stalkers and the Navy romance- NAME: Nika Maier RANK: Petty Officer and hovercraft pilot BELIEF: Merriness is against her religion, especially during the Christmas holidays NAME: Clint Barstowe RANK: Lieutenant, 75th US Rangers BELIEF: There’s nothing in the world as sharp as a soldier in a Santa hat Nika’s past lies safely buried in the bottom of her duffle, right down there with her interest in a lasting relationship. Clint swore off serious women after his first marriage, but his feet are swept out from under him by the 110-pound sailor who flies a 180-ton hovercraft. When a mission throws them together and they are cast onto a beach like driftwood in a storm, none of their training prepares them for what happens to their careful plans. When her past and his present collide, they must fight the battle together to win a merry Christmas at Peleliu Cove.
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