Everything is Broken

Autor: Anthony DeCastro

Wydawnictwo: Palmetto Pulp Mill

A Girl. A Private Eye. A World of Hurt Private Investigator Fuzzy Koella likes working the infidelity trade in Myrtle Beach. Taking pictures of cheating spouses provides enough income to support his spartan existence. But when an old friend hires him to peep on the seductive, young Marisol Rodriguez, Fuzzy finds himself caught in an impossible situation. Does he do his job? Or does he try to save Marisol from the violent men she attracts? The simple path always appeals to Fuzzy, but Marisol needs him more than he or she knows. Can a decent man save all that he holds dear? Or will he find Everything is Broken, including himself? If you love hard-boiled detective stories in the spirit of Travis McGee and Philip Marlowe, meet Fuzzy Koella in his debut adventure, Everything is Broken.
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