Self-Discipline Mastery

Autor: Dr. Michael C. Melvin

Wydawnictwo: Dr. Michael C. Melvin

This is a highly detailed and step-by-step guide about how to build mental strength to stop making excuses, resist temptation, and finally reach your goals. This course is a series of guides that are designed to teach you everything you need to know about mastering self-discipline.   Here is what you will find inside:   Pinpoint what is your “why” for wanting to master self-discipline Narrow down your goals or dreams into more specific goals so it’s more easily attainable Become accountable to yourself and to others Build and develop good habits that lead to self-discipline Fight the obstacles that are standing in your path to success Teach you how to take care of your body properly (this is an important aspect of self-discipline!) Understand the difference between good stress and bad stress Set boundaries so it’s easier for you to start saying ‘no’ Stop sabotaging yourself with your fears and self-doubt Stand firm and stay committed to your goal Identify fitting rewards for every milestone achieved See the benefits of delaying self-gratification And so much more!
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