Alfar Anthology

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The Best 12 Alfar Series short stories of Science Fiction and Fantasy Fiction.'Perpendicular By Brendan Higgins' - A deadly virus has wiped out three quarters of the world's population. Medical research scientist Dr. Jary Coble had sought -- and failed -- to combat the pandemic. 'Counter Program' by Dennis Coleman- Miles and the robot servants on space station Ursa Five are programmed to obey humans without question. 'Red One' by Ivano Massari- Set in a post nuclear war landscape, the elite rebel team of Red One battle against the forces of planetary domination.'Ticket Please' by Lee Brown- Following a life changing mistake a young man boards a train hoping to leave the past behind. 'Outpost Omega Seven' by Nina Tozzi- Cathy and Wayne are a young couple who man a remote outpost at the junction of three trade routes in the boondocks of space.'Beyond This Point There be Ogres' by Robert Bresloff - The last of the great dragon slayers, Salvi believed that he had killed his last dragon. 'Inducing a Dream' by M. Travis Leake - Kyna is an up-and-coming skyke racer. Courted by a corporation to endorse a product she despises, she exchanges her principles for victory. 'The Thirst for Power' by Wolcott Wheeler- A paranormal investigator learns that a certain notorious world leader—the most feared and powerful man in the world—is not what he seems. In fact, he’s not even human…'Fate' by Eddie Grant- Roll was an ordinary teenage girl who's lately been suffering from a serious case of Deja Vu, and horrific dreams. After shocking revelation, her night of fun soon turns into a walking nightmare that will change her life forever.'King of the World' by Paul Martin- When the Turtle first appeared before an awestruck world, it seemed nothing would ever be the same again. 'Orienteer' by Clémence Roche - Within a post-apocalyptic world, watch how the clash between the environment affects the mortals who continue a form of survival. 'The Great Fairy' Tale Hoax by Chava Klahr - Forget everything you ever read about these seven classic fairy tales.
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