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    ... »Na, da bin ich neugierig, was bei der Geschichte herauskommt. Ich neige mich vorläufig zu der Diagnose von Doktor Glaritz, der auf Schlaganfall schließt. Solch ein Giftmord auf offener Bühne, - die Geschichte sieht mir doch etwas allzu...(więcej)
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    Auf einer Reise nach London, lernt der Autor das Arthur Findlay College kennen, von den Einheimischen auch Hogwarts genannt. Diese weltweit einzigartige höhere Lehranstalt wirbt damit, in den Künsten der Übersinnlichkeit und Medialität zu...(więcej)
  • The day Johnny Gray is released from Dartmoor he learns that Marney Kane, the girl he loves, just has married. Johnny's disappointment turns quickly into horror when he realises that the bridegroom is not whom he claims to be. Marney has unknowingly...(więcej)
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    In New York, the elections are approaching, but the Mayor of the city has a formidable opponent, Keissel! Keissel, is a ruthless and dangerous man! A firearms maniac with retrograde ideas, and forced by his ideas intolerant, the Mayor of New York to...(więcej)
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    Depuis quelques temps, Zouti rentrait bredouille de ses virées en mer. Les fonds marins n'avaient pas le moindre poisson à lui offrir. Cette situation n'était plus tenable car il avait une grande famille à nourrir. Jour après jours, il...(więcej)
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    This is the life story of a man who caused a zoological sensation in the late sixties, being the first and only one who located the extremely rare and endangered Mountain Tapir in the jungles of South America. One of the last great collectors of...(więcej)
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    The story of Kay, Gerda, a splinter of glass and the Snow Queen...(więcej)
  • od 48.69 zł Brak ofert
    The autobiography of KD Regenbrecht, a German author born in 1950. He tells his life from the post-war 1950s, through the pubescent pop era of the 1960s, the flower power of the 1970s, his studies and his first literary endeavors. He studied...(więcej)
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    -Dis Jacques, qu'est-ce qu'il faut faire pour rester jeune ? -Oublier de vieillir... Pour Léo, le monde s'écroule le jour où sa mère a un accident de voiture. Son père décide alors de tout quitter pour s'installer à des centaines de...(więcej)
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    Tobias Voss shows you how to turn games into high-impact interventions and how to enrich Experience-Oriented Learning methods with systemic thinking and the latest research into how the brain learns. This insightful book is a treasure trove for...(więcej)
  • od 13.06 zł Brak ofert
    Selected texts from Soenam Jamyangling's blog on the internet, www.tibetsummit.com, about issues and events in Tibet, published 2009-2016, categorized as Education & Health, Political Dialogue and Environmental...(więcej)
  • od 3.70 zł Brak ofert
    Social entrepreneurs have helped millions of people in difficult phases of their lives to tackle challenges which they could not tackle on their own. This book takes a look at social entrepreneurship from the point of view of psychotherapy and...(więcej)
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    This book ist for the people who believe in their dreams mostly to African young's and for anyone who is trying to achieve something worthy in his life. Starting their own business or helping the community through all the difficulties and narrow...(więcej)
  • od 26.17 zł Brak ofert
    avoir le mal de quelqu'un (phr.) intensely missing someone so much it literally makes you sick; "someonesickness" on the model of "seasickness" Avery tries to accommodate to her new life as a college student and finding the love of her life, River....(więcej)
  • od 1.83 zł Brak ofert
    This book is a part of SFQs ongoing work towards intersectionality and inclusiveness. It is even a protest against the growing right-wing extremism and racism in Sweden. This research used in-depth qualitative interviews with students to present a...(więcej)
  • od 22.87 zł Brak ofert
    "Lasst uns das Kindlein wiegen" frei nach Franz Xaver Murschhauser "Last unß daß Kindelein wiegen per imitationem Cuculi" Fassung für Chor (SATB) und Orgel oder...(więcej)
  • od 4.15 zł Brak ofert
    Schmittmann freut sich wirklich nicht auf Weihnachten, denn er ahnt, dass er es wieder so feiern wird, wie im letzten Jahr: allein. Und seit seine Frau Martha ihn verlassen hat, kommen die Kinder und Enkel auch nicht mehr zu Besuch. Zum Glück...(więcej)
  • od 16.63 zł Brak ofert
    Luise, Bea und Kerstin sind drei Frauen, deren Leben nicht unterschiedlicher sein könnte. Dennoch müssen sie ein gemeinsames Schicksal tragen und ertragen. Alle drei Mütter wurden von ihren eigenen Kindern verstoßen und verlassen. Drei...(więcej)
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    Meine Witze-Zusammenstellung ist im Laufe von Jahren gewachsen. Immer wenn ich einen neuen, mir unbekannten Witz gehört habe, dann habe ich ihn mir in der Regel notiert. Dann habe ich häufig gehört: "Ach, schreibst du dir den schon wieder auf,...(więcej)
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    We are living in the 21st century, with unlimited possibilities. This is the era that people have been looking forward to for over a thousand years. We have access to everything. You can truly be, do or have anything you want. Unfortunately most...(więcej)
  • od 56.18 zł Brak ofert
    The dog "Kuksi" lives together with his human friend Martin Balluch on an equal footing. Especially on their long excursions into the wild, they can only survive if they communicate, cooperate and help each other. Indeed, Kuksi turns out to be...(więcej)
  • od 11.19 zł Brak ofert
    Branko is a gay Serbian teenager. He knows that this combination rarely leads to happiness and chooses to keep his homosexuality a secret. But then he meets Dejana and her friends, who try to coax him out of his shell. Given the opportunity, will...(więcej)
  • od 14.93 zł Brak ofert
    The authors of this book are neither watchmakers nor specific watch specialists, just dedicated watch collectors. A book for the friends of watches and a guide for the collector or the possible collector-to-be, giving some advice and guidelines,...(więcej)
  • od 52.43 zł Brak ofert
    The book "Stocks and Exchange - the only Book you need" is intended for the general public from 11 to 85 years. Although the book is easily understandable, it describes in detail the parameters, which are ideal for safe and profitable investments in...(więcej)
  • "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” is American's most enduring fairy tale with Dorothy, Toto and all the other friends in the incredible Land of...(więcej)

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