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    "Finally one may ask: but what do you propose, what do you want? To this I will answer without much hope, I confess, of being heard and understood: we need liturgical theology, viewed not as a theology of worship and not as a reduction of theology... (więcej)
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    Father Sergio Ticozzi, a prominent Italian missionary, has produced an important new account of the religious policies of the Chinese Communist government.  It is clear from his account that religion has long been a central preoccupation of the... (więcej)
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    Table of Content Introduction. Intepretatio. Less is More. Music is Not only About Music. On Accent Silentium.. What a Conductor is Not The Issue of Modernity in Choral Music. The Aesthetic of Conducting: How the Beauty of a Gesture Affects... (więcej)
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    The merciful level of the liturgy and of the music therein in so many of our churches (now a disturbing majority) should indicate that something has gone seriously wrong. Everyone who is “in the know” at the Vatican is aware of the so-called... (więcej)

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